On a short trip outside of Bangkok.  It is a little frustrating for a vegan going beyond the known Happy Cow areas and trying to have fun with non-vegan friends and company.  Besides that the life outside of downtown hints at something different.  Besides coconut trees, salt farms and space.

After last night’s entertainment and vegan food at a non-vegan restaurant (for the first time practically in my vegan life of nearly six years), an interlude with Dave Matthews Band’s new release staying at Sky Resort in Samut Sakhon. Listening again this morning has me stuck between joy and sadness with a seasoning of disappointment; in softness (of sound and feeling in the production).  Are we going in different directions?  Did I learn anything about my journey or prospects this far?  I think I’m ruling stuff out or it’s ruling out me.  If the whole album was a poem, we hear the title on the last line.