You would think it would be easy for a previous non-vegan turned vegan to vary my food selections from the super strict vegan.  All the long flights and now attempting to move to Asia, I admit I’m reintroducing gluten, mushrooms and yeast into my daily routines.  At times I play the line from The Freshman by The Verve Pipe in my head.  “Took a weeks worth of Valium and slept.  Now I’m guilt stricken, sobbing with my head on the floor…”  It’s a process using momentums.  Sometimes using bad waves of energy, sometimes picking up on ideas I don’t want to buy into for long; to back track in my reasons for being the person I have become.  It’s not the only transition I’m undergoing and I hope to find where the air is when and if I find the best balance for personal longevity.  Sometimes I swear I must- take and eat/drink in rememberance of him.